Warranty and service

Warranty and service conditions

The dealer grants the statutory warranty period on the product described overleaf. The warranty applies
from the date of purchase. The date of purchase is demonstrated by the sales receipt.

The dealer is to repair or replace products registered within Germany which are found to be defective
free of charge. Parts subject to wear and tear such as cloth covers are not covered. To assert your
claim, simply return the defective product with the sales receipt before the end of the warranty period.
The warranty claim does not apply if it is established that a defect has occurred e.g. through external
influence or as a result of repair or alteration not carried out by the manufacturer or an authorised

The warranty granted by the seller is limited to repair or replacement of the product. Under this warranty,
the manufacturer or seller has no further liability and is not responsible for damage caused by
disregard of the operating instructions and/or improper use of the product.

If inspection of the product by the seller reveals that the warranty claim relates to a defect not covered
by the warranty or that the warranty period has expired, the cost of the inspection and repair are to
be borne by the customer.

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